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4010 Lockwood Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL, 34243

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­Music lessons for children and adults in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Teaching Piano, Clavinova, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice. 

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­Music lessons for children and adults in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL. Teaching Piano, Clavinova, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice. 



Sarasota Piano Teacher

Sarasota Piano Lessons

Sarasota Clavinova Teacher

Sarasota Clavinova Lessons

Sarasota Keyboard Teacher

Sarasota Keyboard Lessons

Sarasota Guitar Teacher

Sarasota Guitar Lessons

Sarasota Bass Guitar Teacher

Sarasota Bass Guitar Lessons

Sarasota Ukulele Teacher

Sarasota Ukulele Lessons

Sarasota Voice Teacher

Sarasota Voice Lessons

Sarasota Opera Voice Teacher

Sarasota Opera Voice Lessons

Sarasota Music Theory Teacher

Sarasota Music Theory Lessons

Sarasota Music Teacher

Sarasota Music Lessons

Sarasota Child Music Teacher

Bradenton Piano Teacher

Bradenton Piano Lessons

Bradenton Clavinova Teacher

Bradenton Clavinova Lessons

Bradenton Keyboard Teacher

Bradenton Keyboard Lessons

Bradenton Guitar Teacher

Bradenton Guitar Lessons

Bradenton Bass Guitar Teacher

Bradenton Bass Guitar Lessons

Bradenton Ukulele Teacher

Bradenton Ukulele Lessons

Bradenton Voice Teacher

Bradenton Voice Lessons

Bradenton Opera Voice Teacher

Bradenton Opera Voice Lessons

Bradenton Music Theory Teacher

Bradenton Music Theory Lessons

Bradenton Music Teacher

Bradenton Music Lessons

Bradenton Child Music Teacher           





Music For Little Mozart- Piano Program for Preschoolers

Larissa Schuefftan

Welcome to Music for Little Mozart at AllStar Music Academy.
 Is your preschooler ready for a ton of music fun? Does your child love to sing and dance?

Our one on one 30 minute lessons designed for ages 4-5. The lessons will help your child to develop creativity, attention, and build up self-esteem.

We deeply believe in the benefits of early piano education. It will build up a great foundation to make your child successful  at school. It will help with math and reading. Early music introduction develops coordination, increases attention span, and calms hyperactive children.

Early music experiences have lasting positive effects on social, emotional and mental well-being of children. Our Music for Young Mozart provides a vehicle for preschoolers to take advantage of these benefits.


Federation Festival of Music Clubs 2018

Anastasia Maracle

Congratulation to AllStar Music Academy Students for superior and superior plus grades at Federation Festival!

Superior Plus grades awarded to:

  • Jacob DeWitty

  • Caleb Dingley

  • Alexa Lezama  

  • Tomas  Bishop

  • Tara Track

  • Jonathan De Witty

  • Logan D'Amato

We are very proud of you!. Thank you so much for your great efforts and great practicing, it pays back for sure! All of the notes written by the judges are positive and highly encouraging.