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4010 Lockwood Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL, 34243

(941) 321-2983

­Music lessons for children and adults in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Teaching Piano, Clavinova, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, and Voice. 

AllStar Music Acadamy Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida

­Music lessons for children and adults in Sarasota- Bradenton. Teaching Piano, Clavinova, Keyboard lessons at AllStar Music Academy. 



Sarasota Piano Teacher

Sarasota Piano Lessons

Sarasota Clavinova Teacher

Sarasota Clavinova Lessons

Sarasota Keyboard Teacher

Sarasota Keyboard Lessons

Sarasota Guitar Teacher

Sarasota Guitar Lessons

Sarasota Bass Guitar Teacher

Sarasota Bass Guitar Lessons

Sarasota Ukulele Teacher

Sarasota Ukulele Lessons

Sarasota Voice Teacher

Sarasota Voice Lessons

Sarasota Opera Voice Teacher

Sarasota Opera Voice Lessons

Sarasota Music Theory Teacher

Sarasota Music Theory Lessons

Sarasota Music Teacher

Sarasota Music Lessons

Sarasota Child Music Teacher

Bradenton Piano Teacher

Bradenton Piano Lessons

Bradenton Clavinova Teacher

Bradenton Clavinova Lessons

Bradenton Keyboard Teacher

Bradenton Keyboard Lessons

Bradenton Guitar Teacher

Bradenton Guitar Lessons

Bradenton Bass Guitar Teacher

Bradenton Bass Guitar Lessons

Bradenton Ukulele Teacher

Bradenton Ukulele Lessons

Bradenton Voice Teacher

Bradenton Voice Lessons

Bradenton Opera Voice Teacher

Bradenton Opera Voice Lessons

Bradenton Music Theory Teacher

Bradenton Music Theory Lessons

Bradenton Music Teacher

Bradenton Music Lessons

Bradenton Child Music Teacher           





Sarasota Small Business Excellence Award for 2018 The best place to start piano lessons with the most friendly and highly professional teachers! Call or text us: 941 321-2983 email: [email protected]                             

Welcome to AllStar Music Academy, a place where you and your child can learn to play piano, develop a voice, and start music lessons for young children in  private studio settings. We offer lessons to individuals of all ages, starting at age 4. We are devoted to develop lifetime musicians at the bench with dynamic, customized, tech savvy, creative-based instruction.

Our philosophy At AllStar Music Academy is to keep lessons exciting and fun, develop creativity and build up self-esteem and confidence in our students. We ensure the best music opportunity for each individual through realizing that each student is unique, and has different musical goals and desires. Music helps children with special needs as well as students struggling emotionally, academically, or socially. At AllStar Music Academy we teach notes and touch our students lives. 

AllStar Music Academy Inc was selected for the 2018 Sarasota Small Business Excellence Award!

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